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Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, How Safe For Travellers


For a lot of Nigerians, travelling around the country triggers nightmares, as there are fears of kidnappings, robberies, and killings. When Hardcore reporter took a trip from Onitsha to Awka in Anambra, he counted several well manned security checkpoints that held the security of the highways by a thread.

In recent times, when one is embarking on a trip in Nigeria, there are several factors to consider. With the growing insecurity in the country, there is a widespread fear of kidnappings and robberies.

The safety of Nigerian highways has become a matter of utmost concern for road commuters, particularly in the wake of incessant security breaches and incidents befalling travellers across many highways in the country. Against this background, on our reporters recent trip from Onitsha to Awka, the capital of Anambra state in the Southeast region, he was most conscious of making the trip and returning unscathed.

There were two notable security Checkpoints  before Police Zone 13 Secretariat on the highway. Only a few security personnel at checkpoints did any serious checks on passengers after stopping vehicles, before passing them on.

However, checkpoint manned by security personnel are expected to take notes of the passengers in the vehicles, ask the drivers some questions, especially regarding where they are driving from and heading to.  What baffles one is how these criminals pass the well manned check points, to perpetuate thier evil acts on this route.

Commuters are now very skeptical of plying the road for safety concerns. The Enugu-Onitsha highway precisely from Ogbunike Building material bus stop, toll gate area to Umunya-Nteje-Awkuzu-Ukpo axis are now deemed riskier depending on the level of reported robbery attacks, and killings.
The general perception of the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway is that, it is the most dangerous Expressway to ply in Anambra.

Those who cannot travel by Enugu-Onitsha Old Road where it is reportedly safer, are still left with the risky fate of unsafe Express highways.

The Ogbunike Building Materials Junction via Ugwunwasike bypass, for instance, has, in recent times, witnessed a ton of killings, car snatching,  and armed robbery. With the latest killings at Tempo junction in Umunya fresh on our minds, there’s no guarantee of safety.

Hardcore Reporter returned to Onitsha safely, but couldn’t stop thinking about the long term implications of having several security agencies on the highways without the guarantee of safety. It seemed ironic that we have so many security outfits on the roads and yet, no one is exactly safe from kidnappings, robberies and killings.

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