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Catholic Church To FG: Tackle Nigeria’s Insecurity Issues Head-On

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The Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, CSN, has urged the federal government to take decisive action against the country’s escalating insecurity issues.

At a media parley held at the CSN headquarters in Abuja yesterday, key representatives of the Catholic Church articulated concerns over national security, corruption and the critical role of family in societal values.

Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, Secretary-General of the CSN, who was represented by his Deputy, Fr. Michael Banjo, made a fervent appeal to government officials, urging them to fulfill their duties in securing the nation.

“While we are not allowed to go into the field to provide the necessary military power to secure the nation, we appeal to the consciences of government officials when we meet with them. We appeal to the government to fulfill its primary duties of securing lives and properties,” stated Fr. Banjo.

He also emphasized the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria’s numerous communiques beseeching the government to act.

In a poignant reflection on societal woes, Fr. Banjo highlighted the intrinsic link between the health of family units and the state of the nation.

“Whatever is happening in society is a reflection of the situation in families, as families are the building blocks of society,” he remarked, underscoring the church’s limited capacity to directly influence each family’s role in raising children away from criminal activities.

Addressing issues within the Church itself, Fr. Banjo acknowledged the challenges posed by ‘irregular communions’ and emphasized the need for ongoing dialogue to bridge divisions and promote inclusivity.

He asserted the importance of the synodality process for the country, advocating for a sincere dialogue that respects the dignity of every Nigerian and promotes national unity despite cultural differences.

National Director of Social Communications at the CSN, Rev. Fr. Michael Nsikak Umoh, described the current societal challenges in Nigeria as overwhelming and stressed the crucial role of media as allies in navigating these tumultuous times.

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He condemned the killings of children in schools and defined the current insecurity situation as a battle between good and evil, stressing the urgency of ensuring safety for children in educational institutions.(Vanguard)

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