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Hunger Season, And The Long Wait For Tinubu’s Harvest Time – Ogene Igbo 

Dr Chuma-Odili Harris Udokamma (Ogene Igbo)

The period leading up to a harvest is known as the “hunger season.” Food from the previous harvest runs out and families cut back on meals. This period of time may last for months, depending on the size of the previous harvest.

In Nigeria, hunger is both a cause and effect of bad governance and mal-administration of political leaders. The wide-scale poverty and hunger lead to frustration and resentment with governments that appear to ignore the plight of people experiencing hunger. 
The poorest members of society suffer the worst when governments make faulty economic Policies. Homes are destroyed and communities of people are displaced.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been wrong in his economic policies since the inception of his administration. The hasty decision to remove fuel subsidy, without well thought-through plans to cushion the ugly effects of the policy, has thrown the people into untoward hardship.

Today, we hear, federal governemnt is busting foods warehouses, ordering business owners to release their wares into the market. We hear federal government is blaming farmers for the country’s economic woes. We hear Federal government is not ready to subsidize foods, but chasing business owners to flood market with foods. It appears, Presidenr Tinubu has run out of ideas on how to rescue the country from the worsening economic crisis.

People who live on half a dollar per day spend most of their income on food.
In Nigeria, people in the lowest income group spend more than 85 percent of their incomes on food. Any fluctuation that pushes food prices up creates additional hardship – especially of basic grains such as wheat, rice, and corn, which make up the largest share of calories among people in developing countries who are hungry.

In Nigeria, the cost of living is soaring higher each day,  Tinubu’s government has been paying deaf attention to the plights of the people. Politicians at the corridors of power are not sensitive to the feelings of the masses. All they care about is what their pockets can garner. Presently, most families with very low incomes are experiencing food shortages. They run out of money at the end of the month and often have to skip meals until their next paycheck comes. 

Governments at various levels, should gather people, at many tables, to provide foods for Nigerians. Let’s sit, together, at tables of power and influence with lawmakers to enact policies that help ensure everyone has access to nutritious food.

The urgency of now, demands drastic action to avert the looming crisis in the country. Truth is that Nigerians have long waited for Tinubu’s “harvest time”, and cannot bear the excruciating consequences of his somersaulting economic Policies. 


Dr. Chuma-Odili Harris (Ogene Igbo), Social-Right Activist, writes from Ogbunike, Oyi L.G.A, Anambra state. 

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