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INTERVIEW: “Anambra Youths Are Very Much Mobilized To Fight Crime And Criminality In The State”- Dr Omenugha

Dr Nelson Omenugha

The Special Adviser On Youth Empowerment To Governor Soludo, Dr Nelson Omenugha Speaks to Publisher of Hardcore News online Newspaper Dr Chuma-Odili Harris on the achievements of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo led government, on youth development, and security matters.

Let’s Talk about your government’s Youth empowernment programs. Reports have it that the Ministry of Youth Development Anambra State has over 200,000 registered unemployed youth in its Data Bank, what is your government doing to address the issue of unemployment in the state?

We just clocked two years March 17. The success story of one youth, two skills program, many didn’t believe it that government program can be this organized, can be this sustainable. It was unprecedented, it has not happened before in Anambra, not in South East, not in Nigeria. We have five thousand people empowered in one fell swoop, such amount of persons being trained. With 55 skills across the state, this is a game changer. Despite pitfalls, challenges, we learn by doing. We brought drastic and dramatic change in how youth empowerment is done; one, it becomes local government driven, down to community driven. The Five thousand we have done actually came from the grassroots. That’s the bottom-up approach towards youth training and empowerment. And we had five thousand youths trained and empowered. Now, we are coming up with second phase of the programme. This have triggered alot of interest. A clear indication that the government have done exceedingly well. We have large volume of applicants. Now, we will be taking a bit above ten thousand youths, to get them trained, equip them with right skills set, competitive skills, that can put food on their table, make them wealth creators and employers of labour. They will be provided with a seed capital and a near interest free loan. Other states are asking how is your governor able to do these things. It’s important we appreciate where we are now and where we are headed. Mr Govenor promised to equip every youth with atleast two skills, but with what is happening now, I can assure you that we can provide every youth in Anambra with atleast four skills. The governor in this regard has done well. He has set that record as the governor that is  intentional with productive and sustainable youth empowerment. Not adhoc or makeshift way of training and “empowering” the young people. We have never had it so good. Having seen a governor who is intentional with giving life and giving it in abundance.

Let’s talk about security and the role of the youth, is it true that your government employs and encourages youths in Anambra to get actively involved in securing lives and properties in the state. We see alot of youths serving as Vigilantes. What’s your take on this?

Let me say this,security of lives and properties is not just the function of government, it’s a collective action. Everybody, the young the old, the women, the children, everybody has to get involved.  In UK, if you get on to the tube, railways substation, you see inscriptions everywhere “see something, say something”. It’s a clarion call on everybody to getting rid of criminal elements in the society. So, for us in Anambra, no strategy will be left behind in that regard. The youths of the state are very much mobilized, very much involved in the activities of getting rid of criminality. Of course, most of the people caught in criminality and crimes are young people. So, the only people that put a stop to criminality and crime in Anambra or any society will largely be the youths because they have the energy, they have the creativity, they understand the language, they have to be there at the frontline of making sure the society is free from crimes.

2025 Governorship election is knocking on the door. What is the plan of your group known as YESS? Is it going to be YESS running the campaign or the achievements of Mr Govenor speaking for him?

The achievements of Mr Govenor will definately speak for him. Very tall visions, very tall deliverables are there to speak for Mr Govenor, but we will also be there putting to table what governor has done, putting them down in a layman’s language. But, let me say something, YESS is not all about politics.

Dr Chuma-Odili  Harris,Publisher of Hardcore News and Dr Nelson Omenugha, Special Adviser to Gov Chukwuma Charles Soludo on Youth Empowerment

Source: Hardcore News

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