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Kanu Condemns Igbo Marginalisation, Gives Condition For National Reconciliation


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has condemned what he described as the continued marginalisation of the Igbo nation which he said was part of the reason for agitation for a separate state by that region.

The leader of the Igbo separatist organisation has given conditions for what he suggests will lead to genuine reconciliation in Nigeria.

According to a statement by his younger brother, Emmanuel, who recently visited the IPOB leader in detention, some of the conditions he gave include the siting of an international airport, seaport and good roads in the South East, to bring the zone which he said had been marginalised for long, up to the level of other regions in terms of development.

Kanu was quoted as saying that his long standing position on the Nigeria project has not changed.

While he said he was not opposed to genuine restructuring, the IPOB leader however insisted that Nigeria should be totally restructured along the 1963 Constitution if proponents of restructuring are sincere.

He was also quoted as blaming those who aborted his next meeting with Igbo leaders scheduled for September 15, 2017, in Enugu, for the current chaos in the South East, arguing that if his house were not invaded a day before the meeting, perhaps the outcome of the meeting would have addressed the issues fuelling the agitation for Biafra. Credit: Sun Newsonline

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